10 Reasons Why Elegantthemes Divi is the Best WordPress Theme

In the post on why choose WordPress as the platform to build your website, we explained the difference between a Website Builder and a Content Management System (CMS). A Website Builder (e.g. WordPress.com, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy Website Builder, Shopify or SquareSpare), allows non-techy people to build a website easily with drag and drop capabilities and focus on designing their website rather than on technical issues such as hosting, file storage and hosting. A Website Builder sits on a proprietary application that already encompasses all the file management and storage capabilities provided by a CMS.

A CMS (e.g. WordPress.org, Joomla and Drupal) is a software that runs on your web server that lets you create, store, search, and manage content. The CMS is non-proprietary and not limited to a specific host so you can choose and move your website from one web hosting company to another and you can add whatever functionalities without hiring a developer. The beauty about CMS such as WordPress.org is there are several WordPress Website Builder plugins that you can install on your website and be able to easily build and design your website without writing a single line of code. The best of such WordPress Website Builder is provided by Elegantthemes. This post will explain in detail about Elegantthemes Divi and Divi Page Builder Plugin, why it is the best and how to get started.

Divi WordPress Theme

What is Elegantthemes Divi?

Divi is a Website Builder provided by Elegantthemes. Elegantthemes provide Divi as a WordPress theme. So all you need to do is to install the Divi Theme and it comes with all the features and library of templates.

If you are creating a magazine style website, you can choose to use the Elegantthems Extras , it comes with additional functionalities that allow you to choose to add author bio, post dates, related post for specific blog post. You can design your homepage base on specific page layout, showing the popular, recent and trending posts.

If however, you do not want to replace your WordPress theme, you can install the Divi Page Builder plugin and enjoy all the functionalities and library of templates.

You can opt to subscribe at an annual fee of $89 or paying a one-time charge of $249 for a life-time access. For either case, you have access to the full library of features and templates that Elegantthemes provide as well as the Email Opt-in (BLOOM) plugin and Social Sharing (MONARCH) plugin that Elegantthemes provide.

Here’s Why We Really Love Divi?

We have used Elegantthemes Divi for about seven years. Elegantthemes is a company that is constantly enhancing their products to provide good if not the best value to their clients. We purchase a life-time access license at $249 (one-time payment) and we have built hundreds of websites with Divi. Through those years, we have also purchased other WordPress themes when there are some features that Divi had yet to provide. Nevertheless, a while later, we always convert our website back to using Divi when their features become ready because the functionalities provided by Divi far exceeds the value other themes provide. The value that Divi provides far exceeds all the value that we have reaped over the past years. Here’s the list of reasons, though we would say even though the list is long, it is not all. Divi provides a lot more. Choosing Divi is the best decision we have made in the past decade and we hope you will also enjoy such a good product.

Reason 1 – Divi is the Fastest WordPress Theme

Having served clients in the Digital Marketing industries for the past decade, we would say that the first thing we look for in selecting a theme is that, that theme must be able to load fast. A fast loading web page not only delights your site visitors and your clients, it is loved by Google Search Engines. Google will rank a fast loading site higher in the search result. 

Most website builders are not able to load fast because of the amount of codes they put in to make web designing easy. However, around 2021, Elegantthemes made a substantial improvement to their codes and websites built with Divi is achieving A grade with GTMetrix and 97% to 100% with Google Page Speed Tool. 

 We have tried many themes and no theme company know about website speed and have implemented features in their theme as much as Elegantthemes. You can read an ultimate guide on how to improve your website speed here.

Reason 2 – You can reduce the number of Plugins

Although the beauty of using self-hosted WordPress is that there are many plugins developers and you can add almost any functionalities to your website by simply adding a plugin. However, having to many plugins can slow down your website. Sometimes, there are also “plugin conflicts”, i.e, a specific plugin may not work well with another plugin or may not be supported by the theme you are using. Moreover, the more plugins you have, the more you need to ensure that your plugins are always updated, otherwise, your website may be prone to hackers. With each plugin software update, you will always have to first back up your site before you do the update in case the new version has bugs and cause your site to break. This means that the more plugins you use, the more time you need to spend managing your website.

Elegantthemes is packed with many features that you will not need to add many plugins to your site. For example, if you choose a WordPress theme that displays the Blog Post title by default, you will have to add a plugin to hide the post title. With Divi, you do not need to add a plugin. You can simply tick to hide the post title. Even if you want a sidebar for one blog post but no sidebar for another post, you can do it without writing any codes or adding any plugins. Divi is so flexible that you can design anything, like panting on a blank paper, but a lot easier!

Reason 3 – Portability & Stability

This is the feature that makes us fall in love with Divi. Let’s say you have two website, and you have spent a lot of time designing a page. You like this design so much that you want to implement it on the other website that you have. All it takes is a click to select to export that web page into a file and then on the other website, another click to import the webapage file. No technical skills needed and it can be done in seconds!

Reason 4 – 283 Themes, 2000++ Layouts & More to come

As of October 2022 when this blog post was written, Elegantthemes Divi has 283 themes design templates), with more than 2000 page layouts. They are continously adding new designs every month. This means that you can change the design of your website easily with just a click! IT is simply awesome.

Reason 5 – Lifetime Value

We have been using Elegantthemes for almost 8 years and one thing we must say about this company is that they are continously innovating and adding value to their existing clients. Having purchased a one-time life-time access, we are no longer inccuring any cost. Yet, we get all the new designs, new features and support forever! Which company is so committed to customers!

Reason 6 – Most Intuitive & User Friendly Interface

The best way to be convince of this is to try their free demo. You will discover it is so simple– drag and drop, drag and scale, change anything you want. 

Reason 7 – Cool Transformation & Animation

Divi has very cool transformation and animation capabilities which most WordPress themes do not have. Even if you find it on a theme, it may not suit your site objectives. But not for Divi. It is so versatile. Click here to learn more.

The following are just 2 simple examples. Click on the following two websites and as you scroll, see the magic:

(a) https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/food-drink/spice-shop-landing-page/live-demo

(b) https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/technology/robotics-landing-page/live-demo


It is so cool. It makes your site more interactive and engaging. Really cool.

Reason 8 – Use in Unlimited Sites

For both the annual subscription and the life-time access, you can use Elegantthemes Divi on unlimited websites. Yes! That is the best value theme. Do you not reaise by now, that Elegantthemes is such a credible and generous company. Unlike other developers, they do not limit you to just one website and you have to buy additional subscription for additional website. For Eleganthemes Divi, it is buy one for unlimited use! We simply love them!

Reason 9 – Integration & MarketPlace

Integration is something that we always emphasise to all our clients who are buying softwares. If a software company is continously enabling Application Programming Interface (API) for other developers to integrate with them, their features become more and more powerful. If you use a WordPress theme from WordPress library, most likely that theme is limited to just a what it is designed for. For example, if it is a Corporate theme, it may not necessarily support ecommerce or Learning Management System (LMS). Then you will have a lot of difficulties adding functionalities to your site.

With Elegantthemes, they support many Learning Management System such as LearnDash and Tutorlms. They are very well integrated with WooCommerce enabling you to turn your site into an ecommerce site very easily.

If you have no time to design your site or integrate it with the functionalities you want, you can search for a ready-made Divi child theme in Elegantthemes MarketPlace.

Reason 10 – Resources & Worldclass support

Most theme developer will charge an annual fee if you want to receive continous support and software update (new features). Not for elegantthemes. Although they do have the option of annual subscription ($89 per annum), you can opt to buy the life-time access at s one-time payment of $249. With this life-time license, whenever you face an issue with your website, you can simply go on to their chatbox and ask a question. They reply almost instantly, if not within a few minutes. This is so excellent. For small companies, you are like having a web developer team supporting you.


We recommend Elegantthemes not because we are an affiliate partner that earn a commission but because it is a very reliable, feature-rich product that we are very sure no one will regret buying.


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