10 Best Knowledge Base WordPress Plugins

Create Knowledge Base Product Documentation and give your customers the convenience of Self Help.

Embed A Knowledge Base Into Your Existing WordPress Website

What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is a curated collection of articles that answers to frequently asked questions. The objective of a knowledge base is to provide a self service means for people to find solution to their problems without having to wait for customer service operators.  Companies make use of Knowledge Base websites to build product documentation, how-to guides, installation and troubleshooting procedures. The more comprehensive a company’s documentation is, the more manpower the company can save in custcare. Customers are also happier because they can find instant answer withouot having to wait to be served.

If your company already has an existing WordPress website, you can add a Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin to power up your website and provide good product documentation and self help to your customers.

How to select a good Knowledge Base Plugin?

In selecting a  knowledge base plugin, the important features are:


  1. Advanced Search -to provide your users a simple and quick way to find the right article and answer to their question.
  2. Drag and Drop interface – this is particular important because as you create your articles, you might need to change their grouping, order of importance and even the article categories. A drag and drop interface will make the work much easier
  3. Table of Contents for each article- If your articles are long, a table of contents for each article will make it easier for your users to navigate within the article. Some plugins enable automatic creation of contents base on your titles and even having sticky table of contents. This is particularly user-friendly to help users navigate easily.
  4.  Reader’s feedback & Rating –  this is useful so you can improve your documentation and continue to delight your customers with more relevant search results.
  5.  Print format – Giving your user a means to print and save the articles would be a feature that enhance customer experience.
  6. Statistics & Analytics – Knowledge base is where you can study the interests and behaviour of your customers, understand the product features that your customers are facing and what are the frequently searched articles. By knowing these insights will help you build product features that customers really want.

Top 5 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins

Advanced search is mandatory in Knowledge Base. Hence all the plugins we are recommending here have met this very important and fundamental requirement. Hence we may not list it in the reasons for recommendation because that is a must-have core feature for a good Knowledge Base plugin. In the list of reasons that we provide for each of the plugin reviewed, we are only listing the reasons that make that particular plugin unique. It’s what differentiate that plugin from the rest.

1. DeepDocs

The best and newest Helpdesk WordPress plugin in Envato MarketPlace.



About DeepDocs

DeepDocs is an excellent online knowledge base and documentation plugin that works with any WordPress theme. It comes with multiple styles and have styling options for you to change colors, dimensions and typography, so it can be easily integrated with your existing brand or website.

Why we recommend DeepDocs

(i) Documentation features

DeepDocs has all the important documentation –live search, sticky table of contents for each article, user feedback and rating, beautiful ready-made layout design options for you to build good knowledge bases.

(ii) Security

With DeepDocs the content is saved as human and machine radiable json format. No html code is saved, Your content is rendered from json format stored at the plugin database table.

(iii) Drag and Drop Interface

It has a modern drag and drop interface. This is especially important when you build your product manual from scratch. It helps you to organise and make changes easily.Here’s  an example of how easy the interface is:

Deep Docs drag & drop interface


Credit: Gif from Deepdocs at Codecanyan

(iv) Performance

DeepDocs  plugin uses custom database table away from WordPress posts and pages which reduces the amount of time on fetching your articles and sections.

(v) 200+ Live Customization options

You can design and style your knowledge base with live preview:


(vi) Good Value

For a price of $39, you could create multiple knowledge base, each for a product of specific purpose.

Proven Results

Deepdocs was  launched on 3 Jan 2021 by BeSquares in CodeCanyon and has achieved a remarkable 48 sales as of 6 Jul 2021. If you are looking for a good documentation WordPress plugin, DeepDocs would be a good choice.

sales since 2021

customization options

plugin settings


2. TotalDesk

Most Complete Helpdesk & Most Trending Plugin in Envato Market.

About TotalDesk

TotalDesk is a all in one helpdesk solution for WordPress. Besides having good Knowledge Base capabilities, it has a ticket- & notification system, livechat, report and integration module. It has all support features, that you need. If you are looking for a complete  Helpdesk solution with Knowledge Base,  then TotalDesk is ideal.

The Why we recommend TotalDesk

(i)  Ticketing System

All issues will be handled within the Ticket System, no matter where the question comes from. This is an excellent helpdesk feature!

(ii) Notifications

Users want to get informed about updates on their tickets. TotalDesk allows you to use Desktop or Email notifications to inform your users about all ticket changes.

(iii) Livechat

It has a Livechat that allows your user to ask a question and start a conversation with your helpdesk agent.

(iv)  Knowledge Base

The knowledge base, however, is simple but functional and does not have the sticky table of contents or user rating.

(v) Reports and Analytics

Analyse support behaviour, what products have the most problems or where the most issues occur.

(vi) Integration with WooCommerce

The Plugin supports WooCommerce so it is excellent for ecommerce sites.

(vii) Compatible with WPBakery Visual Composer

So you can style your knowledge base and articles easily.

Proven Results

TotalDesk was launch by welaunch on 23 August 2017. In just 3 1/2 years, they have achieved 757 sales and have been consistently rated 5 stars for customer support. For a price of $39, a complete solution and having good customer support, this would definitedly be an ideal plugin to embed into your website to boost your customer support.

sales Aug 2017

Stars Overall

important helpdesk functions

3. Knowledgebase X

Most advanced knowledge base with AI powered Chatbot

About Knowledgebase X

Knowledgebase X  is an advanced WordPress KnowledgeBase plugin with FAQ, Glossary and AI powered ChatBot HelpDesk features all in one. It supports file attachmentalternative questions for articles, upvote/downvote and a lot more! If you are looking to leverage on Artificial Intelligence to power your customer support, then this is an ideal plugin.

Why we recommend Knowledgebase X

(i)  AI Powered HelpDesk ChatBot

Enable an AI powered ChatBot to act as your HelpDesk or Support Desk. Your website users can converse with the ChatBot, ask questions and get answers that make sense. The HelpDesk ChatBot is integrated with the Google’s DialogFlow. So, you can train the ChatBot to answer any questions easily and quickly. Analyze the user queries from the DialogFlow history and makes the ChatBot better over time. As the ChatBot gets better it will start cutting down on your Live support requirements and eventually, you can almost eliminate the live support altogether. KnowledgeBase X ChatBot can answer questions of your website visitors, send email from ChatBot window, help people find answers from your KnowledgeBase articles, get visitors to leave their phone number and much more!

(ii)  Knowledge base articles

Create unlimited Knowledge Base articles and classify them into categories. The Knowledgebase will display all your categories and users can browse by categories. Supports sticky articles. Supports dynamic sidebar to display all KnowledgeBase categories and articles. Can be turned on or off.

(iii)  Knowledgebase Glossary

The Knowledge Base articles you create can also be used in an Alphabetical Glossary format without any extra effort. Simply define a term for each KnowledgeBase articles and use the glossary shortcode. The glossary design is simply awesome and user friendly with floating Alphabetical filtering which is totally unique!

(iv) Role based articles

Set user access levels for categories. You can restrict user access to the knowledgebase articles by user roles. Select which user roles can access articles under which categories.

(v) Integrated FaceBook Messenger Live Chat and More

Integrate FaceBook Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business any time with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get on the FaceBook Messenger Live Chat! 

(vi) Onsite Retargeting, Remarketing, Conversion Optimization, Exit Intent

WPBot detects exiting Visitors and displays a targeted offer to your visitor determined by you.  Targeted offers can be a coupon code, free ebook or any exciting offer of your choice!

(vii) Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call Icon Integration

You can also Enable quick icons for Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Any Web Link & Phone Call with the chat window. If you provide support through any of those channels then this is a great way to serve your customers.

(viii) Click to Chat Link

Use the Click to Chat shortcode so people can click on a text link anywhere from your contents and open the ChatBot window!

Proven Results

Knowledgebase X is created by quantumcloud and launched on 1 November 2018 by.

sales Nov 2018

Stars for Everything!

Knowledgebase features

Chatbot features

4. MinervaKB

Fastest Growing and most customizable Helpdesk Plugin

About MinervaKB

MinervaKB is a powerful Knowledge Base WordPress plugin that is trending in Envato Market. It supports wpbakery and enable unlimited customization.

Why we recommend  MinervaKB


(i) 500+ customization options

(ii) Ability to restrict contents

(iii) Supports WPML and hence is able to support language translation

(iv) Supports WpBakery and Elementor, enabling unlimited design options

(v) Auto generated Table of Contents

(vi) Integrates with Google Analytics

Proven Results

WPHelpere was created by Envato Elite Author KonstruktStudio and launched on 22 Dec 2016. It has achieved more than 2000 sales and is still trending in Envato Market. It is highly rated by customers for customizability, feature availability and customer support.

sales since Dec 2016

Stars Overall



5. WPHelpere

Lowest Price, Best Value Knowlege Base Plugin with Reports & Analytics

About WPHelpere

WPHelpere is a Knowledge Base WordPress plugin which supports for multiple products or services in a single WordPress install. It is crafted to help companies create a self-service platform for their customers. 

Why we recommend WPHelpere


(i) Drag and Drop Interface

It has a modern drag and drop interface. This is especially important when you build your product manual from scratch. It helps you to organise and make changes easily.

(iii) Report & Analytics

Analytics enable you to understand what your customers are interested in and it helps you to improve your customer service. Here’s a glimpse into WPHelpere dashboard:

WPhelpere analytics

Proven Results

WPHelpere was created by Envato Elite Author acmee and launched on 14 November 2020. In just 6 months, it has achieved a remarkable 61 sales. WPHelpere is well designed with all the good features required in a knowledge base. Note however, that the articles does not have user rating or sticky table of contents. However, at US$29, it is a good value plugin for multiple knowledge base.

sales since Nov 2020

Stars for Design


Knowledgebase designs

6. BetterDocs

Most beautiful Knowledgebase Plugin with Instant Answer & Analytics

Docy WordPress theme

About BetterDocs

BetterDocs is a very beautiful and powerful Knowledge base plugin developed by WPDevelopers. It has a free version that you can download from the WordPress plugin section. A forever free version is available for 1 knowledge base for each website.

Why we recommend Betterdocs

Here’s the reasons:

(i) Powerful integration with Elementor

This allows for easy styling of your knowledge base. Betterdocs itself also come with drag and drop interface so you can manage and organize your articles categories easily.

(ii) Super easy setup wizard

The plugin takes you through a very simple step by step setup. If it detects any existing knowledge base, it will help you with the migration.

(iii) Create internal restricted knowledge base

Set up and manage your own private internal knowledge base on WordPress and control access to your internal documentation based on specific user roles

(vi) Translate documentation using WPML

Connect with users from around the world on your multilingual WordPress websites by translating single docs into any language through seamless integration with WPML

(vi) Analytics

Get insightful data about traffic, views and click-rates using an advanced, built-in analytics tool

(vii) Instant Answers

It has an Answer and Ask call “Instant Answer” feature where users could ask a question. Although it looks like a Live Chat, it’s not a Live Chat but the box could search for the answer to the question and display to the users. Almost like an AI chatbot. There is a “ASK” function where users could submit a question and attach a file. So it’s like a support ticket capability.

Proven Results

Betterdocs is an ideal solution for agencies who are implementing helpdesk solutions for clients. It has a very good price of $299 for unlimited sites and lifetime support.



Stars Overall

important features


7. Echo Knowledgebase

The best value, most powerful, most versatile, most customizable WordPress Theme.

Echo Knowledgebase

About Echo Knowledge Base

Echo  has a forever free version that you can download from the WordPress plugin section. The Pro version that starts from US$46 provides more layout designs, ratings, and access control. The forever free verson allow for 1 knowledgebase on one website. If you need to create documentation for more than 1 product, then you would need to get the pro version.

Why we recommend Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

Here’s the reasons:

(i) Free version with 4 beautiful layout design

Even the free version is good enough for your company to create a good documentation for a product. It comes with 4 layout designs to choose from.

(ii) Super easy setup wizard

The plugin takes you through a very simple step by step setup.

(iii) Control Access and Permission

Access Manager allows administrators, companies, and organizations to control and restrict access to their private Knowledge Base based on WordPress user accounts. Grant permission using roles and groups.

(vi) Translate documentation using WPML

It is also compatible with WPML so you can translate your documentation.

(vi) Analytics

Enhance users search experience and view search analytics including popular searches and no results searches.

(vii) Compatible with most popular WordPress Page Builder

Some plugins have compatibilitiy issues. Whereas, Echo is tested and proven to be compatible with Elegantthemes Divi, WPBakery Visual composal adn Beaver Builder.

Proven Results

Echo has a good forever free version. If you are just trying out Knowledge Base, Echo will be a good solution to begin with. It has powerful customization features and you can upgrade as your business grow.



Stars Overall

Add-ons functionalities


More Knowledge Base Plugins

The following are 2 Helpdesk plugins that are best sellers in Envato Market. These plugins have achieved thousands of sales and were launched in the period between 2012 to 2014.

Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress

Knowledge Base

3800+ Sales since 7 Oct 2013


3100+ Sales since 21 Nov 2012


Depending on what your selection criteria is, the above are 9 good Knowledge Base WordPress Plugins. If you are already having a WordPress built with Divi, then Echo Knowledge Base plugin would be a good choice as this is featured in Elegantthemes blog. With the free version of Echo Knowledge Base, if you only need to create documentation for one product, then Echo Knowledge Base would be a good choice. If you want a more trendy knowledge base with modern design, then Deepdocs would be excellent.

Strong Points of Echo

  • Customizability
  • Customer Support
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Compatibility

Let’s Work Together

If you have a plugin that you would like us to review or if you would like to engage us to install your website for just $100 per site, drop us a note.