Elegantthemes Divi

Elegantthemes Divi is a WordPress themes that has an extremely powerful website builder built into it. It comes with more than 2000 pre-built layout pages that you can install with just 1-click. Divi allows you to design your website from the frontend with drag and drop capabilities. With Divi, there’s almost no limit, you can achieve any type of design for your website very easily.

Quick Overview 

Why we love Divi?

Here’s why we really love Elegantthemes Divi:

1. Speed & Powerful features – As website builder software has to provide powerful functionalities, it compromises the speed of the website. This is not the case with Elegantthemes Divi. Divi’s platform has been so carefully crafted to deliver both powerful functionalities as well as blazing fast web page loading speed. When you test out with Google Page Speed and GTMetrix, you will get 97-100% and an A performance respectively. Learn more about Divi’s performance.

2. Portability and Cloning features – Unlike other content management systems where the blog posts design is fixed, Divi’s powerful features allow you to implement any type of design for your blog posts. In addition, you can easily export a design from one website and import it onto another website. You can also save a particular section of a page/post and use it on another page/post. All these functionalities make it very easy for website agencies like us as we have to build websites very quickly for clients.It helps us to save time and effort. If you are a blogger earning from Affiliate marketing, you will find Divi’s global features very useful because you just need to change the content on one page and it is changed on all other pages (if you have hundreds or thousands that’s so excellent!).

3. Unlimited Websites, Lifetime Pricing – Unlike other themes with website builder, Divi’s $89 price plan is not limited to just 1 website. You can implement Divi on unlimited website! If you choose the lifetime (one-time payment ) plan of $249, that is an even greater option because you get all future software updates, patches and customer support forever. Elegantthemes have been rolling out new, contemporary, beautifully designed, pre-built page layout designs and have been adding new powerful features for the past decade that we have been using Divi. Yet, with a lifetime membership, we never have to pay another cent!

Any imperfection?

Cannot think of any, really. Divi is a great product.


Software Info.

Best for : WordPress web developers & agencies, small & medium enterprises, business owners, bloggers, anyone!

Company : Founded by Nick Roach in 2008 (info. from Elegantthemes).

Country : headquartered in San Francisco, Califonia, United States (info. from Crunchbase)

Company size: 11-50 ( info. from Crunchbase)

Number of customers: 881,346 customers (info. from Elegantthemes)

Number of websites: In 2023, more than 4,070,728 live sites (info. from Builtwith)

Market Share: Info. not available

Pricing: $89 per annum /or  $249 (one time, lifetime)

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How to set up a website in minutes using Divi

The video below shows how easy it is to install the Divi wordpress theme and get your website up and running in minutes! It’s supereasy!

How to customise your site with Divi?

There are a lot of powerful features inside Divi. It will take a long time to learn up all the features. The video below gives a quick overview of some of the basic and most used features. You can see that you can achieve sophisticated functionalities without having to write any codes. It’s supereasy, just have to go to respective settings to configure.