15 Amazing Technology Website Themes

Written by:, Denise Mayor
Last updated: 7 Dec, 2023

10 min read

A technology website has to project to site visitors a brand image that, that company possesses the latest and most advanced tools, techniques, and platforms that are currently available in their industry. The question is, how do we design a website to project this perception?

In this article, we have curated 15 Technology Website themes in the market that has been designed with layout and contents that clearly communicate complex product features into easy to comprehend benefits. Some of these sites have features and animations that engage site visitors amazingly, giving the perception that, that company uses cutting-edge technology. 

How to select a good Technology website theme/template design?

Technology is a very wide field. It covers from mobile / online softwares and gaming that targets at younger, fun-loving audience to serious technologies such as radars and and solar panals for enterprises. Regardless of which industry and what type of products, the following are three very important attributes you must look out for in selecting a website design.

1. The design, layout and overall contents must be able to convey the product features very simply so that site visitors can grasp the product benefits in seconds. A clean design with good structure, heading fonts and illustrations/ photographs will help a lot in focusing your site visitors’ attention.

2. Select the color and designs to fit your audience. If your products target the large corporation users, then you would need to choose colors and artworks that are more corporate in style. If you are targeting the young audience, then go for infographics that are more lively in nature.

3. Animations, scrolling effects, mouse cursors trails, if applied correctly not only helps to engage your site visitors, it can boost the brand image of the company. 

Recommendation #1Divi

Divi by Elegantthemes is a WordPress theme that is also a website builder. It comes with more than 2400 premade, one-click install page designs. Although these designs span across 14 industry sectors, Divi has 229 Technology designs. We showcase here just 5 of their designs. Check out all the amazing Divi designs here.



Video Game

AI Software

Web Developer

Divi WordPress Theme

Recommendation #2 – Best Selling Technology Themes from Envato Market

The Envator Market has more than 2000 Technology WordPress website themes. We showcase 5 designs that have features that engage site visitors effectively. Browse more Technology website themes from Envato Market here.

 AI landing 





Recommendation #3 – Wix and Editor X

Although we are advocates of WordPress self hosted content management system, we must say that some of the best Technology website template designs come from Wix. Wix has a new platform called Editor X that also has awesome Technology website designs. 

Cybersecurity (Editor X)

Gaming Startup (Editor X)

Tech Company (Wix)

Tech Company (Editor X)

SaaS Company (Editor X)

Conclusion – Editor’s pick

All the above are awesome themes that are affordable and easy to implement. Wix has very professionally designed templates. If this is your first website and you do not already have any WordPress hosting, you can get started with one of Wix’s beautiful templates. If you have been creating websites with WordPress, like us, you may find it easier to use Elegantthemes Divi which is a really simple drag and drop web builder. The most important factor is that Elegantthemes is constantly rolling out new template designs. This means that you can just upgrade your design with just a few clicks. Elegantthemes do focus a lot on the Technology sector and their designs are also very trendy and professional. For anyone familiar with WordPress, our recommendation is Divi.

Divi Theme (Cybersecurity pack)