Why You Should Use LearnWorlds to Build Your Online School

If you google for Learning Management System (LMS), you will find more than a dozen LMS software applications and several blogs providing features and price comparison. So how would you select the right LMS if you are planning to build an online academy? In this post, we are introducing LearnWorlds and sharing our experience using LearnWorlds. In our opinion, LearnWorlds is one of the best LMS as it is suitable for both small businesses as well as large enterprises. This means that if you are starting an online school and you have plans to grow your business to be a global, giant academy, you can be assured that you are starting with a right platform and do not need to worry about future expansion and platform migration issues. LearnWorlds have a number of price plans that suit both small startups as well as large learning academy. Read on and you are going to gain insights from our real-life, practical experience rather than simply theoretical comparison of features.

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20 Reasons why LearnWorlds is the Best Learning Management System

LearnWorlds is a powerful, full featured LMS (Learning Management System) cum website builder and online course creation platform with eCommerce capabilities. It is an all-in-one platform for anyone —teachers, content creators, fitness instructors, coaches,  regardless of industry, who wants to  monetize their knowledge, skills and expertise by creating and selling online courses.

LearnWorlds is fully accessible on desktop and mobile devices. It is a cloud-based, “plug ‘n play” learning system that allows school owners to work on what’s more important in their business rather than deal with technology. It is also suitable for large corporations to train employees and partners or to educate customers.

Whether you are an individual trainer with a few dozens of students or a large training organization serving audiences of tens of thousands, or even a corporation looking to build an employee training portal, LearnWorlds is the go-to solution. You  can utilize LearnWorlds to create and run a beautiful, flexible, and powerful online school with premium e-learning, marketing and sales features.

LearnWorlds offers many features. Click here for a full list of LearnWorlds features. We shall list the most noteworthy features and explain the reasons why we love LearnWorlds:


Reason  1 – Powerful and flexible User Interface

If you are an academic instructors that teach Physics or Mathematics, you may need to write scientific notations such as 108  . You will be surprised that even popular platform such as Udemy has limitations in supporting this feature.  LearnWorlds platform provides a function where you can use HTML so it supports any type of contents.


In addition, LearnWorlds has a Course Player that is customizable: you can add a progress bar, buttons, tabs, section numbers and so on. You may further adapt it to your needs with custom CSS, so that
each course can have unique branding. It comes with templates and the ability to design unique learning paths for your students. The Course Player is customizable; you can add a progress bar, buttons, tabs, section numbers and so on. You may further adapt it to your needs with custom CSS, so that each course can have unique branding.

Check out how the course player works.

Reason 2 – Interactive Video

One of the most important requirement in conducting online training with courses is the ability to link your video with your transcript so that users can search the keywords in the transcript and go straight into that part of the video. This feature is available with Linkedin Learning (from Lynda.com) but few platforms have it, not even Udemy. Most Learning Managements Systems do not have such a feature. LearnWorlds is the only platform that provides a complete hosting and website platform and yet equipped with such interactive transcript feature. Note, however that this feature is only available with LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan.

In addition, with the LearnWorlds Interactive Video features,  instructors can add questions, pop-ups, buttons and other elements to your videos to make them more engaging and captivating.

See how Interactive Video works here:



If you are choosing this path of using a SaaS solution to build your online school, it is crucial that you choose a platform that has good search engine optimization strategy (SEO) for your website (and courses). Otherwise if your courses are not ranking high on Google, you will need to spend a lot of advertising dollars to promote your courses.

Reason  4 – Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Single Sign-On (SSO), users can seamlessly log in to LearnWorlds by using the same email address they used to sign up for the original website/application via Single Sign-On (SSO). This means that if you already have a website (e.g. set up with WordPress) and having users logging into your website for account purposes, you can enable the SSO so that users can use the same log in for your online school built with LearnWOrlds.


Reason 5 – Full SCORM & HTML5 Multimedia Files Compatibility

SCORM allows you to create rich course content and easily transfer it from one LMS to another, just like a USB works across different devices. SCORM is a set of technical criteria for eLearning software products. Learn more in this article. With SCORM and HTML5 multimedia files compatibility, you can easily import existing educational content into your LearnWorlds school. SCORM is the bread and butter of
expert course creators who make high quality courses and interactive material. SCORM files can be easily plugged into your LearnWorlds academy, and be viewed by your students using the beautiful course player.


Reason  6 – Quizzes & Exams

This is a must have feature when you select any LMS. It enables you to engage your students and help your students to check their understanding. LearnWorlds provides self-assessment quizzes that consist of multiple-choice and true/false questions. Quizzes are not formal exams. Users get immediate feedback for their answers but they do not get a score after completing a quiz. Additionally, course creators can easily set up exams that can be used for creating formal tests. You can create any kind of test by managing settings such as the duration of the test, the maximum number of tries, passing grade, etc.

Reason  7- Interactive Ebooks with Note-taking Functionality

LearnWorlds has this very cool and  unique feature for students. As they read your e-book they can take personal post-it-style notes, or highlight text that will be saved for future reference. But it’s not only that; From an instructor’s perspective, interactive e-books are a powerful learning tool. LearnWorlds offer premade ebook templates, with placeholders for titles, text, images, quotes, and Calls-To-Action. You can choose one of these beautiful templates and save the time that you’d need to structure your

Alternatively, all you need to do to create an e-book is to upload an existing MS Word document. LearnWorlds creates an e-book for you on the fly! LearnWorlds interactivity features allow you to add embeddable multimedia content to your e-books, like videos, forms, even complete web pages.

Reason  8 – Certificates

LearnWorlds offers the option to create and provide certificates -in the form of a pdf certification file- to learners who have successfully completed formal exams. Custom certificates are also available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher. Besides, course creators can also award certificates of completion to users after they have finished studying a course (meaning that they have visited all the learning activities or they have successfully passed all the tests of a course).

Reason  9 – Integrations

In choosing a SaaS LMS, it is very important to know what other applications the SaaS platform supports. No one company can be fully equipped. To be competitive, you often have to ride on several SaaS solutions. Hence, choose a platform that is always in the forefront of technology, integrating with other technology providers.

LearnWorlds offers a plethora of integrations for referral marketing, analytics, customer service, email marketing, growth tools, live sessions, social proof, workflow automation, webhooks, and so much more! You can connect your LearnWorlds school with the best marketing and affiliate tools and increase your sales.
See the list of integrations here.

Reason  10 – Student Community 

LearnWorlds has a built-in community, so there’s no need for a third-party community app. The built in network helps increase learner engagement and loyalty, turn customers into repeat buyers and add value to your offering. While there are many ways that students can interact with each other as well with your learning material, you are always in control and have a complete overview of what’s going on in the community.

With a competitive learning landscape, you will need to leverage on building communities to outperform your competitors. Read more on how you can sell more online courses using communities here.

Reason  11 – Coupons & Bundles

If you are selling online, whatever your products maybe, you need to have a platform that is so powerful that allows you all sorts of creativities in promotions and pricing. Hence, in the next 5 items, I am going to talk everything about sales functionalities.

First, with LearnWorlds you can create discounts as percentages (%) or fixed ($) amounts, set expiry dates, and create multiple coupon codes to better control the source of your customers and coupon usage. Also, on any page of your LearnWorlds school, you have the option to promote Bundles combining multiple courses into a single package and selling them for one price.

Reason  12 – Installments & Payment Gateways

LearnWorlds provides a nice range of payment gateways that you can activate to get paid for the online courses you sell. You can configure your online school to receive payments via Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, and/or PagSeguro (Brazil). Also, you can set a price tag for each course and additionally break down the price into installments. This is a functionalities not many platforms have!

Reason  13 – Subscription & Membership

A membership site is a great way to monetize your content or community, build up a steady monthly income or create online courses. And LearnWorlds makes this happen for you. Besides, note that you can sell courses individually or via subscription in your LearnWorlds school. Your financial settings can be set up so that your courses only sell via subscription payments (and not through one-time payments).

Reason  14 – One Click Sales Funnel

When it comes to selling digital products, it’s all about the “funnel”: how to make the path of your potential customers as easy and painless as possible, from signup to payment confirmation. In 1-click sales funnels (also called 1-step sales funnels), your potential customers can provide all the information necessary to complete a purchase in a single step. With LearnWorlds, you can create a 1-click sales funnel by adding one of our payment zones to any page. Users will be able to purchase a product by simultaneously enrolling in the school. The registration zone fields are prefilled if the user has already logged into the school.

Reason  15 – Complete Affiliate Management Solution

Recruiting an “army” of affiliates can multiply your marketing efforts and expand your reach beyond the limits of your existing audience. With LearnWorlds built-in Affiliate Management you don’t need to integrate a third-party tool that would incur additional costs. LearnWorlds affiliate and commission tracking tool is very intuitive and allows you to create, launch and manage a successful affiliate program. You can customize the
pre-build Terms & Conditions and Affiliate Registration pages and set a universal commission rate or a different rate per affiliate. With the impressive Affiliate Management functionality, you will be able to have your own sales team – several hard-working partners who will be promoting your school. LearnWorlds Affiliate Management automatically lists all the information you need, such as referred leads and customers, and provides real-time comprehensive performance reports, which you can easily export for further analysis.

Reason  16 – User Progress

When you run a school, the fundamental objective is to educate and help your student improve. LearnWorlds User Analytics is a powerful and flexible analytics engine that helps you to interpret and analyze data about courses, users, and learning activities. User Analytics is divided into four sections: User Progress, User Segments, Course Insights, Scheduled Reports, and the Reports log page. The User Analytics is available
in the Pro trainer plan or higher.


Reason  17 – Reports

LearnWorlds comprises a powerful and flexible analytics engine, the Reports Center, that helps school administrators to interpret and analyze data about courses, users, sales, and learning activities. You can schedule the automatic extraction and dispatching of reports with email (recipients will receive a link where they can download the report), to specific recipients, of User Segments and User Progress reports, available in our Learning Center plans and above.


Reason  18 – Course Insights

LearnWorlds Course Insights is the only eLearning data analysis and visualization tool that provides you with in-depth intelligence on how your school performs, so you can be confident while making business and instructional decisions.

It offers a state-of-the-art visualization and insights into your course and students. It’s great to quickly understand how your students interact with your course, find bottlenecks and improve the quality of your course.
Learn more about course insights here and here.

Reason  19 – Grade Book and Assignments

Gradebook is an online record of users’ grades in exams, assignments, and
certifications. From the Gradebook menu in your online school, you can view and export your learners’ grades and answers, edit their scores and reset their tries or remove a specific one. It allows you to see the overall performance of your cohort as well as to spot which students are excelling and who is falling behind, and you will be able to react and take back control.

Reason 20 – Excellent Customer Service

Customer Care is the most important factor in the selection of any technology vendors. Having good support appears as if you have an extended staff strength. It is for this reason why we recommend LearnWorlds. They have put together an excellent Customer Care Team that is very responsive and is able to handle any issue that will come up with enthusiasm and speed. Their team is constantly praised by their customers who feel they have access to both an excellent product and people behind it who really care about customer experience. Every LearnWorlds plan comes with dedicated customer care and support 24/5 (or 24/7 for higher plans) via email, online chat and telephone. Their team will even respond fast to Facebook and Twitter messages. Higher plans include VIP onboarding and premium personalized support with one of  LearnWorlds’ experts. You may also request assistance with importing courses, setup and branding, custom design, and training for big accounts, depending on the plan you choose.

How to Get Started

The simplest way to get started is to sign up for a 30 days free trial, play around with it and we are sure you will love LearnWorlds. If you have any question, fee free to message Passion Digital using the WhatsApp button on the bottom right corner.

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