Who we are?

Passion Digital (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore based Digital Media agency that helps companies stay ahead of their competition by leveraging on the opportunities presented by an always-connected world, brought about by mobile technologies and social media. With smartphones and tablets, these mobile devices present an intimate and direct channel to the customers. We believe that marketing via this channel will be far more effective than  traditional channels. We do not promote a digital media for the sake of making a sale. We are passionate about making digital media work for our clients’ business. The first thing we ask is, what does our client want their customers to feel about their company and their products and services. Then by carefully crafting out a compelling content strategy that is weaved into its business process, we build brand communication that engage end customers across various digital media, with an end result of achieving top-of-mind awareness.

We have a reason why we chose PASSION as our company name. Of course, the word itself expresses our passion. More importantly, we derive that name from the passion fruit which is an awesome creation of God. When the passion fruit is mixed with any other fruits, it enhances the other fruit with its aromatic fragrance. It’s sweetness is elevated. This is what we aim to achieve– ­value adding to our clients, bringing success and prosperity to everyone.


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