Crio (By BoldGrid)

Crio WordPress website theme by BoldGrid is free when you sign up with Dreamhost hosting plan.

Theme Info.

Theme Name : Crio

Theme Author : BoldGrid

Where to buy: Available at BoldGrid. Note that it is FREE and available from your Dreamhost dashboad when you use Dreamhost hosting

Theme Builder: BoldGrid

Price : FREE (with Dreamhost)

Theme Details

Crio from BoldGrid is not just a single design theme. It is a website builder theme that comes with over 250 Customizer controls (400+ in Pro). Crio’s custom integration gives you global control over many elements from the Customizer. Create custom Header, Footer, and Blog layouts easily, using intuitive controls.

BoldGrid’s unique color palette system allows you to select 6 colors that are used throughout the theme. If you need to change a color, every place that color is used changes immediately in the live preview. Access your color palette from the editor with the Post and Page Builder and create stunning content.

How To Build This Website

Here’s the step by step guide on how you can build this website yourself, in minutes.

Step 1

Get Domain Name & Hosting

You can subscribe to Dreamhost hosting that comes with 1 year free domain name. Once you subscribe to the hosting, you will be guided step by step to select a domain name and get your website installed within a few clicks. 

Step 2

Install Your Theme

If you are using Dreamhost, log into your Dreamhost dashboard. Go to WordPress>Manage my Apps>Install WP Website Builder. After you click on “Install WP Website Builder” , a few minutes, you will see in your WordPress dashboard an “Inspiration” tab. Click on it to get started. You will see the list of pre-built websites. Select, fill in your restaurant details and click on install website. 

Step 3

Customize your website

After your website is installed, you are now ready to customise your site with your own contents. You can read BoldGrid Crio documentation here   or watch the video tutoria here.

The following are some BoldGrid tutorial videos curated to help you jumpstart your customization of your website. For the full list of tutorial videos, visit the BoldGrid Youtube channel.