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New Revenue Streams through E-learning

For Businesses & Individuals

Are you looking for new ways to make a living with the skills you have? Or perhaps you are a business owner looking for new revenue streams. E-Learning which allows you to sell online courses and earn passive recurring income is what you should explore. In this website, you will find all the tips and tools to get started.

Monetize Your Skills


Get a glimpse into what is possible with e-learning.

Udemy Instructors

This is just an example of an  instructor  in an online marketplace (Udemy). Check out the potential earnings of instructors.

Single Instructor Site

You can easily set up an e-learning site with ready-made professional designs at very affordable cost.

Online Academy

With Cloud Plaform like LearnWorlds, your dream of growing your business to an online academy is just a signup click away.


Click on your respective industry and discover, ready-made website templates that will enable you to set up your online school almost instantly.

Insterested to Get Started?

There are two main paths you can consider. Click on your preferred path and start your journey. Whichever path you take, we are here to help you in your journey.

Teach in E-Learning MarketPlaces

For this path, you focus on creating video courses and selling them in online marketplaces.

Build Your Own E-Learning Business

If you want to go beyong just being a content creator, you can start your own website and use digital marketing to grow your business.

Anyone Can Teach Online

Even if you are still a student, you can start creating your teaching contents and plan out your online training path. In fact, while you learn, that is where you know best what are the needs of people learning that field.

Regardless of whether you are a guitarist, a dancer, a chef, an engineer, a HR manager, a CEO,  a school teacher, a retiree, you have skills that you can monetize by teaching others. And you can earn passive income by online courses to sell in online marketplace.




























E-Learning is for Businesses too

These days, people learn only because it allows them access to training contents anytime, anywhere. So if you are running a company that needs to train your new staff or customers, building an online academy is an excellent way for customer support or staff development.

In fact, an online academy allows your company to create new source of revenue if you sell the courses. In addition, you can tap on the skills of your existing talents and optimise your staff cost.

Great companies to work with in building your Online Academy

We really love these companies. These are companies whose products we have used for past decades. They are proven and provide the best value.