How to blur a part of an image

Whether you are a small business owner, a digital marketer or a digital designer, or just someone who is sharing pictures on social media, there will be times when you need to mask out or blur some part of your photograph or images. For example, you might be sharing a tutorial on how to create a WordPress website and you need to screenshot your WordPress dashboard to explain the steps. You may want to mask out or blur your username. So how do you do that? In this article, we will share how you can easily do so with just Microsoft PowerPoint.

Steps to Blur a part of your image

Step 1 – Insert your image on a PowerPoint Slide

Go to PowerPoint, top left menu, select File > Insert to put the image on a slide.

Step 2 – Create a duplicate of your image

Right- Click the the image to Copy and then right-click, select Paste. Now you will have two duplicate images.

Step 3 – Crop the duplicated image to the section of the image that you want to blur out

Select one of the image, go to the top menu, under Picture Format, select Crop. Now crop the image to the section that you want to blur out.

Crop Your Image

Step 4 – Use Artistic Effect to blur the picture

Select the cropped image (the section that you want to blur out) and go to the top menu, under Picture Format, select Artistic Effects on the top left. PowerPoint will present you will a list of artistic variations. Choose the blur effect you want.

Microsoft Artistic Effect

If after selecting the respective variation, you do not get the blurring intensity you need, you can go to Artistic Effect Options to make the adjustment:

Step 5 – Group & Save the final image

Now drag the blurred picture and place it onto that part of the original image that you want to blur out. Then select both pictures, right click and choose Group to group the images.

When the images are grouped as one single image, right-click the single grouped image and select Save as Picture.

Job done! You have successfully created an image with the section that you need to be blurred out.

Dashboard Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash