Why your business needs an E-learning portal ?

With today’s technology where you can easily record your training and presentations and upload the videos onto an e-learning website (some call it Online Academy/School). You can leverage on such e-learning websites to achieve the following:

Achieve good onboarding program for new employees

Reduce training cost when faced with high staff turnover or when expanding the company very quickly

✓ Enable customers to learn your products and services and reduce the number of repeated enquiries

✓ As a way to train potential customers and partners, allowing them to recognise the quality of your product

May even provide new, passive, revenue streams for your business.

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Set up in minutes, reap your earnings forever

Setting up an e-learning website (or you may call it an Online Academy) do not require  a huge team of IT experts nor thousands of dollars of budget. With the opensource WordPress, Elegantthemes and many Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution providers (such as Talentlms), you can easily build an e-learning website with equipped with powerful tools and achieve sophisticated commercial Online Academy platforms such as Udemy.

2 Ways You Can Build an

E-learning Website (Portal)

Regardless of the size of your company,  you can easily build a sophisticated, professional online academy in minutes using either of these options:

Build using a cloud platform LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is an e-learning cloud platform that is fully equipped with all the tools and powerful functionalities to build  a worldclass Online Academy.

Build with self-hosted WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress is an open-source platform and it enables you to build powerful websites with almost unlimited functionalities without incurring exorbitant development resources.

Everything you need to build an E-learning Website

We have curated all the good resources and tools that we use for many years. These are products from companies you can trust.

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How to build an Online Academy using WordPress-A Step-by-step Guide


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